What is digestion?

Your body gets energy out of the food you eat. Every cell in your body burns food to get energy. But to get the food from your mouth to your cell, the food needs to become smaller. That is what your digestive system does. It makes food so small that it can get into your blood which transports it to the cells in your body.

You will need to find the answer to these questions

  1. What is Digestion?
  2. How does Digestion begin?
  3. Where does the food go when we swallow?
  4. Can we swallow if we are upside down?
  5. What is the stomach?
  6. What is the function off the stomach?
  7. How does the stomach work?
  8. Where does the food go after it leaves the stomach?
  9. What causes our stomach to growl, rumble or gurgle?
  10. Does the body use all the food we eat?
  11. What does the large intestine do to the undigested food?
  12. Name all the organs of the digestive system in right order.

The organs of the digestive system

Important words

  • ´╗┐Digestive system = Verteringsstelsel
  • Mouth = Mond
  • Esophagus = Slokdarm
  • Stomach = Maag
  • Pancreas= alvleesklier
  • Galbladder = galblaas
  • Bile = Gal
  • Small intestine = dunne darm
  • Large intestine = Dikke darm
  • Anus (poophole) = Anus
  • Rectum = endeldarm
  • nutrients = voedingsstoffen
  • Saliva = speeksel.

How does the digestive system work

Important words

  • Enzymes = proteins that make food smaller
  • Gastric juice= Maagsappen
  • Churn= kneden

Digestion op z'n Nederlands

Samenvatting verteringstelsel