What will you learn?

  1. How to make a biological drawing
  2. How the microscope works and what every part does
  3. How to make a sample (preparaat)
  4. You learn how the parts in cells are called and how they look.

Bio-logisch, where biology comes to life.

In this lesson you will look in the microscope for the first time.

Let's see what a cell is again.

The microscope

Before you start your work with the microscope you have to know its parts the parts of the microscope.
Parts of the microscoop You can practice the microscope parts here practice (oefenen)

Parts of the microscope in english.

You need to know the parts in dutch AND in english.

Dutch/english translation.

Progress (voortgang)

  1. Did you make a good schematic drawing of onions and corn?
  2. Did you think about the drawing rules?
  3. Did you do the assignments (opdrachten)?
  4. Show the teacher if you think you have finished. You go a level up. You are capable (vaardig) and ready to do more with the microscopel